19. September 2005 · Comments Off on NRA Looking For 2nd Amendment Violations In New Orleans · Categories: General

From the NRA’s website:

If you have personally had a gun confiscated in Louisiana since Hurricane Katrina hit, please call (888) 414-6333. Be prepared to leave only your name and immediate contact information so we can get back to you. Once again, we are seeking contact information from actual victims of gun confiscation in Louisiana only.

For additional information, please visit www.NRAILA.org, or e-mail us at ila-contact@nrahq.org.

It comes to mind that many of the people victimized by New Orleans authorities, after being victimized by Katrina, are unlikely to see the NRA web posting, or this one. So, if you know of anyone, please help them get their information to the NRA.

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