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Friends of Iraq

Okay, $30.00 so far, not bad, not bad. But folks, we’ve only got until the 15th before this specific blogger challenge is over. Now I don’t expect to actually WIN this thing but I KNOW we can do better than this.

Ya don’t have 5 bucks? I’m not proud, drop in $2.50. A buck, one single dollar.

Once again this is to help 0ur military in Iraq help out the folks in Iraq. School supplies for kids. Candy to pass out to the kids while they’re on patrol. Helping the Marines stand up an Iraqi Television Station so they have something besides Al Jazeera. Many of the troops have been buying candy, school supplies, and toys out of their own pockets. Because that’s what American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines do with lil kids. We help them where ever we can.

Click it, click it NOW.

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