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Been playing link-tag around the sphere, to such a degree that I forget where I found the link to this article (might have been from beautiful atrocities?). Yep, it was (I just checked back). It’s on his list of outside reading.

At any rate, it’s an interesting article about bot-nets, and those who make them.

Near the end of the article….

His hard-boiled pose has begun to break down, and instead of sneering at the risks of getting caught and brought to justice, he’s begun to talk about quitting the criminal hacking scene to join the Army, which, he reasons, will offer not only discipline and the motivation to earn his GED but also potentially a free ride to college. From there, he can imagine a more respectable future working on information technology projects for the military.

“It’s nice to have up to $10,000 a month coming in, but, if it’s not legit, then I also have all this other stuff to worry about,” 0x80 says. “Like, I gotta hide my laptop every night, and every time I don’t come online for a day I have people blowing up my cell phone asking if I got raided by the feds.”

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