09. December 2004 · Comments Off on Oh G_d, How Lame! · Categories: General Nonsense

I’m just now watching the lamest of lame TV makeover shows: the History Channel’s Full Throttle. The current project is “Pacer vs. Gremlin.” Oh G_d, give me a break. For starters, they are talking about how the Pacer was supposed to have a “wonk-el” rotary engine. Secondly, they are ignoring the key to AMC speed – interchangeability.. You don’t nitrous the 6 cylinder in your Gremlin, you drop in a 390/401. What idiots.

On my Fu_king G_d. This is an insult to drag racers everywhere. They’ve got them running ET brackets. Everybody knows you don’t dial-in based upon just one or two runs. And they’ve got one car running in the high 18’s, the other in the low 20’s. Why did they even bother with the nitrous?

Lame – very, very lame.

Update: They’ve followed this up with an episode on limos. I have no issue with their reporting here. Some of my best friends have worked for Krystal and Ultra. My question is with the whole logic of the ultra-stretch limo in the first place. Why not indulge yourself in real luxury, and get a party-bus? Limos are bunk.

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