19. August 2005 · Comments Off on Oh, GMAFB · Categories: Military

There’s a thing going on the History Channel just now saying the F-14 is currently the world’s fastest fighter jet. Oh, give me a fucking break: Even relitave to the F-14D (Mach 2.4), the F-15C, the F-4, the F-104, the F-106, and particularly the YF-12 (Mach 3.2), in addition to several Russian jets, most notably the MiG-25, are all much faster than the F-14.

Oh, and here’s a claim: The narrator has just proclaimed the F-14 “the world’s most complete military fighter.” Oh, give me a fucking break: Why do you think these tom-turkeys are being retired?

Update: Well, with the switch to the GE motors. many of the costs have been contained. And, while in this era of stealth, the ante has been raised exponenially., for it’s time, the Tomcat was crazy-expensive. And flying them? WTF do you think first named them “Tomcats”?

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