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…Upcoming on one of my local PBS stations: Examining The Religious Far Right:

Most Americans outside the Bible Belt have little idea of the beliefs held by millions of fundamentalist churchgoers. There is an almost total lack of awareness of the rise of Dominionism and Christian Reconstructionism, forms of theology that advocate a biblical vision of God’s kingdom on earth. Some fundamentalists also foresee events such as the Rapture, the Times of Tribulation, Armageddon, and the Second Coming of Christ as we enter the End Days. Examining the Religious Far Right was videotaped at a conference that gave rigorous attention to the worldview of the religious right, its influence in contemporary political culture and its agenda for America. The 2004 election told us that socially conscious citizens need to be aware of the ambitions of this influential religious movement. What do fundamentalist theologies advocate regarding theocracy, abortion and homosexuality? What is the nature of the world order under God’s law that they anticipate? How do many fundamentalists interpret the role of Israel? How does this affect U.S. policy? Why are so many fundamentalists opposed to environmentalism and the UN? Why are millions in America drawn to this form of belief, and how can we come to understand them? Executive producer Al Perlmutter brings this important conference coverage as America grapples with the growing influence of fundamentalist religion and its political goals. Conference Participants: Karen Armstrong, Chip Berlet, Joan Bokaer, Frederick Clarkson, Dr. Robert Edgar, Joseph C. Hough, Jr., Skipp Porteous, Jeffrey Sharlet, Charles Strozier, John Sugg, Hugh Urban, Katherine Yurica.

Of course, considering the point of view which one might expect, I’m going into this with an open mind, but a jaundiced eye.

Update: I’m going to have to watch this again, as I am missing large pieces of it due to the thunderstorm overhead. But I can tell you right now – this is a MUST SEE. Not because it is so profound or informative, but because it is such divine high comedy. It should be titled: The Far Left Looks at the Far Right.

Update 2: It’s about bed time for me. So comprehensive blogging on this wll have to wait until tomorrow. But I have to say this: you should see this show. Just to understand the predisposition of some of the minor league power players in this game.

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