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This from Michelle Malkin:


The HuffMobile

Reader Doug, who posts at FreeRepublic.com, sent this photo, which he took while covering the Sierra Club’s national summit in San Francisco last weekend. The handsome, full-size sport utility vehicle pictured above is a Chevy Suburban. It was sent by the anti-SUV environmental puritans of the Sierra Club to pick up fellow, eco-zealot Arianna Huffington, who gave rousing, Bush-bashing, closing remarks at the eco-summit.

Yes, Arianna “Why I Drive a Toyota Prius” Huffington. Yes, Arianna “SUV drivers enable terrorism” Huffington.


Curious, I asked Antebi whether any of the staff at the Sierra Club headquarters owned and drove SUVs. He stumbled and said the group didn’t keep track of who drove what. It’s “a personal decision,” he explained. “People drive different cars for different reasons.”

Well, um, exactly. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if these anti-SUV green busybodies took the same attitude towards the rest of us and left our car choices alone?!

I actually know a lot of Sierra Clubber types who drive SUVs. And, when queried about this apparent paradox, the response is almost always the same, “well, I actually USE mine.” To this, I have the experience of our own dear Joe to point to, and say, “some people may not use the capability of their 4×4 often; but it’s indispensable when you need it.”

Actually, if we based of vehicle “allotment” on just what we absolutely needed most of the time, we’d almost all be riding motorcycles. 🙂

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