15. February 2006 · Comments Off on Ohhhhh, You Mean THIS WMD? · Categories: GWOT, Iraq: The Ugly

Jeff Goldstein has got news that I haven’t heard anywhere else today, although to be honest, I haven’t listened to the news since about noon.

Last Tuesday, I wrote about the (potential) forthcoming release of 12 hours of audio recordings between Saddam Hussein and his top advisers that, as the New York Sun story I quoted put it, “may provide clues to the whereabouts of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction”. According to the Sun report, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence was studying the tapes.

Go read the whole thing.

I’m not sayin’ nuthin’ until more comes out, but I’m making a list of my ol’ friends who have beat me up with, “There was NO WMD!” for the past three years…oh yes I am…

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