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Back in 2000 when I was still looking at Al Gore and George W. Bush and still wondering when this cosmic joke would end, I started to lean a little toward GW because, well, it sounded like he was putting a decent team together. I wound up voting Republican for only the second time in my life based on the concept of, “With a team like that, how bad can he do?” Okay…and the fact that Al Gore was the most condescending wanker to EVER appear on my television for a debate.

For this year it was pretty simple pretty early… The first time I saw Senator Kerry, my skin crawled, the hair on the back of my head stood up, my teeth itched. Although I strongly disagree with some of this administration’s policies, I have to say that I’m 100% behind The Bush Doctrine. I wish they’d follow it a little stronger in terms of ALL countries, but I know we can’t piss off the entire world all at once…wouldn’t be prudent. I also recognize that I’m one of the last people on earth who should be in charge of world decisions: My mind often sounds like Uncle Fester from the Addams Family screeching, “Shoot ’em in the back!” And don’t worry…I ignore my inner Uncle Fester…most of the time…as far as you know…

But that’s not what I had to sleep on. What I had to sleep on was the fact that while some pundits wondered out loud who would leave and who would stay we didn’t hear a thing from the administration about the changes that have been occuring in the past week. I’m not going to say if I like them or dislike them, that wouldn’t be prudent on my part since I’m still active duty, but I’m a little torqued in the jaw that there are so many changes and not a word was said about them before the election.

Would it have changed my vote? I doubt it. But now I have to wonder what else they didn’t talk about that they’re going to do to change things…and that bothers me. It’s like someone buying the 1985 Chicago Bears and finding out after that they weren’t going to get Sweetness and the Fridge and MacMahon, but oh…here’s Ditka… And while I love da Coach, he didn’t do it alone.

Update: Cox and Forkum’s current work kind of sums up part of my trepidation. I’m for The Bush Doctrine, but I like someone on the team who’s not all for it. Someone should play Devil’s Advocate.

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