25. July 2008 · Comments Off on On Obama Not Goin’ to Landstuhl · Categories: Politics

The latest right wing bruhaha is that Obama didn’t visit the wounded troops at Landstuhl and Ramstein while in Germany.  It didn’t bother me a bit.  It would be completely inappropriate for any candidate to visit any military installation and use it as a backdrop as part of their campaign.

BUT!  -the right cries-  Obama insists this isn’t a campaign trip.


Here’s some news for you geniuses, if you see either Senator Obama or Senator McCain anytime in the next three months or so, they’re campaigning.   You know it, they know it, even my dog Max knows it and he doesn’t have a reputation as a particularly smart dog.

I think he’s given his opponent enough fodder without  tagging him with this one.

And seriously, do you really think the wounded troops appreciate ANYONE in politics coming to visit them when they’re on the mend?  Think about it, the hospital is going to change all the linen, even if it’s clean, they’re going to make you put on a fresh hospital gown.  The floors are all going to be mopped and buffed to a gleam causing that wonderful smell of simple green, amonia and wax, and no one’s going to be allowed NEAR the cafeteria until it’s clear the politico isn’t hungry.

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