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…Where US Special Operations Forces have been operating for some time, officials have happily announced that the Al-Qaeda-linked GIA, claimed to be responsible for over 100,000 deaths, is all but extinct:

Algiers, Algeria, Jan. 12 (UPI) — Algeria announced it has nearly stamped out the Islamic armed group known as GIA, the country’s most dangerous during the 1990s.

The breakaway Salafi Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC), our primary target, is weaked, but still active:

The Al-Qaida-linked faction in Algeria known as the Salafist Group for Prayer and Combat (GSPC) has appointed a new amir, or commander, in the wake of the deaths of past commanders Hassan Hattab (a.k.a. Abu Hamza) and Nabil Sahraoui (a.k.a. Abu Ibrahim Mustafa). According to a statement from the group, the new commander has been named as Abu Musab Abd al-Wadoud.

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