San Antonio, the town that I am pleased to say is my place of residence, made the national and international news this week – and not in a good way. My particular quadrant of suburban San Antonio was the scene of the now-notorious MAGA-hat-stealing-and-drink-throwing-incident. (A good selection of the resulting headlines are here )
The Whattaburger outlet where this took place is about two and a half miles from my house, adjacent to a brand-new Walmart, and the bank branch I used to do business with, and around the corner from the bank branch that I now do business with. The arrested-and-released-on-bail Kino Jimenez lives in another outlaying suburb – apparently with his mother. He also seems to have committed a series of prior offenses; not exactly an upright citizen, it appears, and one with extraordinarily poor impulse control. Looking at the video of this incident – and keeping in mind that nothing good happens at 2 AM – I see a rather thuggish Hispanic guy getting his jollies picking on a couple of weedy Anglo teenagers in an all-but-empty-restaurant in the wee hours. I’d venture a guess that if it hadn’t been the MAGA hat, it would likely have been something else. Bullies always find an easy target, and a ready justification for their thuggish impulses.

Ah, the MAGA hat, which apparently serves as a rage-trigger for leftists everywhere. The very curious thing is that I have never seen a person wearing one in real life, real time, in my town. Not around where I live, work, do business. I brought this up with the Daughter Unit – and she couldn’t ever remember seeing any person wearing a MAGA hat either. Not any time in the last two years; The kid with a MAGA hat in the Whattaburger may have been the only person in the neighborhood choosing to wear one – although I very much doubt he was the only Trump fan. In the last two and a half years, we’ve noted pro-Trump bumper stickers on only a handful of cars, too. There were no Trump yard signs in the election run-up, either – and it’s not hard to figure out why. No one really wants to provoke a confrontation with a self-important, loose-cannon loudmouth like Kino Jimenez. No one really wants to have their drink thrown in their face at a restaurant, or make an unscheduled trip to the emergency room, or have their car keyed – or worse. As my daughter says; we’ve been schooled in the fine art of not attracting bad attention to ourselves.

Out there in your world, are there many people that you have observed, wearing MAGA hats and clothing, to anything other than a political rally? Is a lot of Trump support still flying under the radar – not attracting hostile attention in public? Discuss.


  1. Curmudgeon

    Nope. For exactly the reasons you mentioned, I’ve seen no MAGA hats, tee shirts, yard signs or other such items and only a very few Trump bumper stickers.

    But then, since the 2016 election, I’ve seen very few pro-Democrat or anti-Trump bumper stickers, with the exception of a few young progressives who proudly plaster their tiny “enviro-friendly” cars with a multitude of stickers for various “causes.”

    Seems to me just about everybody is lying low for fear of confrontation.

  2. Robin Juhl

    Never liked Trump. Didn’t trust a NYC playboy/liberal. Did not support him. Did not vote for him.

    Thinking of getting a MAGA hat. Or maybe a KAGA hat (“Keep America Great Again”).

    Sticker on my car? No. Wear hats in company with MyLovelyWife? No. But if someone wants to attack me in public? As my San-Soo kung fu sifu put it: Play Time. That will include the problems I can inflict using the legal system. Sue, baby, sue!

    I have ***HAD IT*** with these commies.

    • Sgt. Mom

      You too, eh?
      He certainly wasn’t the political pick of my dreams, but done better than I expected.