15. November 2005 · Comments Off on On The Eve Of The Pajamas Media Roll-Out… · Categories: Media Matters Not, Site News

…It seems that some liberals don’t understand us, and can’t see how we can succeed:

Pajamas, as I understand it, wanted to be an ad network. I don’t see huge advertiser demand for a bunch of mostly conservative political bloggers. At one time, they wanted to be some sort of syndicate but I said nobody would buy content. It seems they now want to be some sort of blog central thing — antimatter to the Huffingtonpost’s matter, I suppose — but the difference is that most of her people don’t blog while most of these people already do blog so I don’t know why I need to see a collection of them. And they keep saying they’re going to change their name but they have their gala introduction still using the silly name they have. The invite to the gala intro I just got says:

Meanwhile, we’ve just got $3.5 million in initial capitalization. It seems that some smart businesspeople understand that, despite their celebrity, there are plenty of readers out there who value the observations, opinions, and general musings, of folks like us, and the rest of the network, than those of the likes of Alec Baldwin and Ron Reagan.

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