20. October 2005 · Comments Off on On the Road Again… · Categories: Domestic, General

Next week, I’ll be in/near Bentonville, AR (actually, I’ll be in Noel, MO), about 100 miles (more or less) from Tulsa. I fly in there Monday afternoon, and fly out on Thurs evening. It’s such a small town that when I called travel to book my flight/hotel, they couldn’t find Noel, MO in their system.

I’m planning to spend most of Thursday wandering around Eureka Springs, which the internet tells me is a victorian village in the ozarks. I’m taking my camera, and hoping for fall colors.

Then, the weekend of Nov 5, I’m gonna double-dip on re-enactments…there’s a revolutionary war reenactment in Camden, SC, about 4-5 hours away from Atlanta. So I’m gonna run out there Friday night after work, spend the night in a motel (getting me one step closer to Mariott silver status), and spend Saturday at their battle. Then run home Sat night, and on Sunday go to the Battle of Atlanta re-enactment.

Nov 12, my sister is throwing a surprise b-day party for my dad’s 75th (his b-day is 11/16). So I’ll be flying home to Ohio that Friday night, to surprise my dad (gawd, I get almost teary-eyed just thinking about it). I’ll stay with my aunt, and fly back to Atlanta on Sunday.

The next weekend (11/18), I’m heading to San Antonio (going “home” for t-giving). Still haven’t decided if I’m going to drive, or use my Delta voucher to fly there. It’s 1000 miles, so flying makes more sense, but I *do* enjoy the drive. Either way, I’ll be there the week of t-giving (and I hope to buy Sgt Mom a cup of coffee while I’m there).

Then I’m home for a week, before coming back up to NJ to teach for my co-worker who just had surgery.

So far, that’s all that’s scheduled. Oh, and somewhere in there, when I’m in town, I need to plant pansies, and move house-plants inside before the first frost (or figure out a way to protect them if I leave them outside). I wonder if I’m biting off more than I can chew?

Ya know… I don’t think I realized how much I’d be gone, until I put it all down in black and white. At least it’s mostly pleasure trips.

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