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the descent into senility on the part of the so-called President Joe Biden seems to be accelerating, or so I presume from frequent scans of that news media which has not gone completely bonkers. Honestly, about the only regular mainstream establishment news outlet I check frequently is the British Daily Mail – in spite of all it’s many sins, including apparently allowing semi-literate teenage interns to write the headlines and photo captions, an unseemly devotion to the regular goings on of flashy semi-celebs like the Kardashians and Megan “Royal-Wrecker” Markle, and having the execrable Piers Morgan on staff – they do cover US-based political stories without any particular fear or favor. In other words,

the Daily Mail treads regularly and fearlessly where our own very partisan establishment media fear to set the tiniest foot, lest it discommode our very arrogant ruling class, especially those in the 202 Area Code, and in adjacent upscale areas. (Frankly, the arrogant ruling class may well be served by a bit of discomfort. Hey, can I get investigated and arrested for saying that, even if I was never within two thousand miles of DC on January 6th, not to be allowed bail and locked up under harsh conditions in a high-security max for six months? Inquiring minds want to know…)

Anyway, the so-called President, or as we like to call him around here, the child-fondling FICUS (fraud in chief of the US) appears to be about another month away from the prospect of being put into a planter in the corner and watered twice a week by his staff. Who all have a nice, well-paying sinecure, as long as the appearance of his Fraudulency can be convincingly maintained – but every time they wheel him out for a public appearance, the pretense of his normality grows every thinner and more transparent, as much as the tame and lickspittle Establishment Media might frantically pretend otherwise. Of course, Dr. Jill probably adores the perks of living in the White House family quarters and being treated by a lick-spittle fashion media as a veritable goddess. Having gained that prize, it won’t be pried out of her grasp. I am betting that the behind-the-scenes-battle between Dr. Jill and her allies on the FICUS’ staff and those who are backing surrender to the inevitable succession of the hugely unpopular and inept Kamala Harris are epic.

Your over-and-under bet? How much longer can this farce go on? Place your bets, gentlemen and ladies. And give your reasoning, as long as it is amusing.

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