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Pablo over at Digital Warfighter, has tagged me for another meme. I didn’t know it was coming, I would have been prepared to think harder, my brain already mostly shut down for the night.

4 jobs I’ve had: Mover. Photo-Studio Chem Engineer. Hot Tar Roofer. Bartender.
4 movies I can watch over and over: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension; Pulp Fiction; Underworld; Enter the Dragon. There are just so many…I’ll stop at four though.
4 places I’ve lived: Chicago IL; Tarzana CA; Las Vegas NV; Honolulu HI.
4 TV shows I love: House; Boston Legal; Cold Case; Battlestar Galactica.
4 highly regarded and recommended TV shows I haven’t seen: Buffy; Arrested Development; Desperate Housewives; The Shield.
4 places I’ve vacationed: I’m like Pablo, I travel a lot so a vacation for me is staying home for a week with not much to do.
4 of my favorite dishes: BBQ Babyback Ribs; Grilled Salmon; BiBimBop; Jaegershnitzel.
4 sites I visit daily: It Comes In Pints?; Sondra K; Blackfive; Sisu.
4 places I’d rather be right now: Boise ID; Anchorage AK; West Coast of Maui; Romeo’s Pizza in Landstuhl Germany.

4 bloggers I’m tagging: Jay Tea; Damion The Prince of Darkness; Kate; and Dean because I haven’t annoyed him in forever.

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