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Well, if there isn’t one element in current events which more clearly shows up the double standard – not to mention the absolute uselessness of masks and so-called social distancing – it would have to be Barak Obama’s lavish party with six hundred of his closest and dearest friends, at his plush estate in that playground of the old-money wealth, Martha’s Vineyard. The Commie Crud virus obviously must know the difference between the enlightened, sensitive members of the elite, and would not dare afflict them, unlike those stupid, unenlightened and no doubt racist proles attending the Sturgis motorcycle rally. So, the Obummer and his guests, solo and chorus gave the middle finger to masks, and social distancing – and by their example, the rest of us ought to be able to do it too, witness the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, which occurred at almost at the same time. The time of the mask is done, although the establish media is still screeching on about it. Is anyone really still listening, out in small towns and rural areas in Flyover country, when some indignant Karen at any level, from the supermarket aisle to the state house, starts wingeing on about the dratted things, and won’t you consider the continued good health of everyone around you, you heartless deplorable, you?

I can only speak for myself and my household – but we’re seriously done with masks. (Although I can see the utility of wearing one at a doctor’s office, in a clinic or hospital. Those places are full of sick people, and in close quarters it would be easy to catch something from them. Everywhere else? No, no, and no again. We’re done.) It is amusing, though, listening to the frantic pleas, demands, urgings to get the Covid vaccines. The DOD is insisting on it, for all military members, and I’m increasingly certain that this will backfire on the Defense Department as it has with just about everyone else. At this point, it appears that everyone who made the decision to get the vaccination of their own free will for reasons which they felt to be legitimate and justified have already gotten it. Those of us holding off getting the Commie Crud vaccination, also having considered the risk, our own general health condition, likely won’t be hectored into getting it. This, no matter how loudly the headlines scream about the handful of holdouts getting sick anyway and lavish bold headlines when vax-reluctant are forced to do public penance in the marketplace for their sin of denying Holy Vax and the beneficent wisdom of Flip-Flop Fauci.

I had a wild thought the other day – why aren’t drag queens considered as aberrant and socially-unacceptable as blackface minstrel shows? Seriously, why aren’t men dressing up and burlesquing as women as offensive as white performers painting up their faces and burlesquing as black performers? They are both types of performers pretending to be something they aren’t for comic effect and to amuse the audience.

Mind you, if taken seriously, this would render a whole lot of classic movies problematic, everything from Some Like it Hot, Victor/Victoria, The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Mrs. Doubtfire, and The Birdcage. Why are drag queens acceptable in this present day, but minstrel shows and blackface not? Any ideas?

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