No, I don’t think will ever reach Peak Stupid; just as we will probably never reach Peak Oil, either – since there appears to be an inexhaustible supply of the former, and more of the latter than the gloom’n’doom crowd apparently thought. But Deity on a Trisket, the farrago of Stupid on display just this past week is just plain mind-blowing. And I read a lot of history, so it’s not a total surprise to me that individually and en masse, humans are capable of the spectacularly moronic; things like Tulip Mania in 17th century Holland, pursuance of the Flat Earth theory after trips into space, and the Billy Jack movie series, not to mention the whole disco era in general.
So the Jussie Smallett supposed hate-crime on the below-freezing streets of Chicago on the coldest day of the year thus far (hey, it’s only February, I am confident that the remaining ten months of 2019 will bring us ever more bountiful levels of stupidity) has fallen completely apart – much as the intelligent and logical portion of the blogosphere had predicted upon being made aware of the specifics. Yes, a planned – with an astounding level of stupidity even for an actor – hate crime, intended to leverage a pay raise, and garner oodles of that sweet, sweet milk of sympathy for a victim. And the National Establishment Mainstream fell for it, hook, line, sinker and whatever else in an appealing sob story, not to mention quantities of gullible media celebrities, and gullible political celebrities. Oopsie. The most decent of them appear to have the nous to be resoundingly pissed with Mr. Smolett over how their sympathies were exploited. The indecent are lying low and doubtless waiting for the next shiny, flashy supposed hate crime to bubble up to the top of that pond of scum which appears to be our national thought leaders. Live and learn, people – there exists a long, long, long history of faked hate crimes. The most recent of which happened not two weeks previously, with the Covington Catholic students. Memories are short in the National Establishment Media gene pool; measured in hours, I would guess. Possibly this is a variety of genetic defect.

John Wayne: sigh. An actor of unreservedly conservative leanings, who roused the ire of progressives even when he strode this mortal earth, his last appearance on it being some four decades ago. Not particularly my cuppa as a practitioner of the craft: he was always ‘John Wayne’ – sometimes heroic and conflicted, mostly just heroic. (Seriously, my appreciation for actors runs more towards William Dafoe and the lamentably late Alan Richman who are and were able to play – convincingly – wildly varying male human beings over a number of different movie genres.) So a precious near-to-millennial snowflake discovered an ancient Playboy interview wherein “The Duke” was frank regarding his take on matters racial and sexual – and the more irrational of the progressive Twitter tribe promptly came un-f**king unglued. Dearie me, I still wonder if these people haven’t been trolled by some 4chan contributor with stacks of old Playboys in his garage. I can’t help thinking that getting them diverted by this trip down memory movie-star lane is a diversion of their malignant energies in a relatively harmless direction. Better they vent their Lake-Michigan-sized reservoirs of spleen in the direction of his grave than towards some living and currently active personality who, you know, might have a career harmed by the hysterical malice of a bunch of soy-boys. Who doubtless, have small weenies, anyway.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or as fair portion of the conservative blogosphere refers to her Occasional-Cortex; the gift of resounding stupidity which just keeps on giving and giving and giving. She’s charming, of course – despite the googly eyes and the unfortunately buck teeth – and possesses a fair command of social media skilz … and that’s about it. I referred to her a couple of weeks ago as a sort of political Lucy Ricardo: abounding with stupid and badly-thought out plans. In the original I Love Lucy series, those plans always bombed resoundingly. They were fictional and played for laughs then, but little Miss Alexandria from the Block intends her plans as seriously as Lucy ever did – and appears to have no notion of the inevitable and unavoidable pitfalls. Such as taking credit for nixing the Amazon HQ deal. Seriously, does this silly person have any idea how the real world operates? Obviously not: AOC is a triumph of progressive public education. Theory and progressive shibboleths rule over reality. Every time. Until reality crashes in, as it has that unfortunate tendency to do.
And finally – some extra-specially woke genius vandalized a statue of General Lee, standing outside a local museum, in Dunn, North Carolina, apparently laboring under the delusion that the Civil War General Robert E. Lee was the very same person as WWII General William C. Lee. Generals, and named Lee, same-same, am I right?
Discuss, if you have the stomach to bear it.

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  1. Curmudgeon

    The old quote about “Whom the gods would destroy …” comes readily to mind. I just wish they would get on with it: I’m tired of being annoyed by the swarms of yapping alarmists, conspiracy theorists and progressives rushing to and fro.