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I don’t generally get around to WestHawk; this is from three weeks ago:

Yesterday the U.S. Department of Defense announced its troop rotation plan for Iraq for mid 2006. Only six Army brigades have been given warning orders for deployment to Iraq in mid 2006 (and only one of these six brigades is from the National Guard). In addition to these Army units, the Marine Corps will continue to support two regimental combat teams (equivalent to a brigade) in Iraq.

This winter and spring there will be 15-17 U.S. brigades in Iraq, including the 4-brigade strong 101st Airborne and 4th Infantry Divisions, 2 brigade-equivalents from the Marine Corps, and a variety of independent brigades (Stryker, armored cavalry regiment, etc.).

Thus, yesterday’s Defense Department announcement is a planned halving in U.S. maneuver units in Iraq between winter and summer.

Read the whole thing.

Hat Tip: Donald Sensing, who cites this as further proof that the Jackasses’ demands for Iraq drawdowns are nothing more than politics.

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