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Just hoping you get this via a trackback.

Duuuuude! For the past half-hour, I have been trying to deliver a simple, personal reply to your comment on my post here. And this has been maddening! I mean, the email addy you supply with the comment is bad (were it anyone else, I would have just deleted the comment at this point). And, when I try to contact you via your site’s “contact” function, it tells me I must first “register” – what a fucking pain in the ass!

I know spam is a huge problem. Sgt. Mom and I likely spend a man-hour or so a day between us to contain it, despite our filter. And that doesn’t include the email spam I get on the addy I use here. But dude, there’s an “over the top” point – and I think you’ve surpassed it. I mean, I hate this fucking spam thing; but I still want to be accessible to my readers. And, I want to be even more accessible to my co-blogging associates.

Something certainly needs to be done here. I have heard talk of all us OSM people being linked together on a private IM network. I hope this is true; we had this at Samizdata, and it worked really well.

Anyway, here’s the original email I was trying to send you:

Actually Jeff, in the few times I have visited your blog in the past, I have quite liked your work too. But I’m sorry to say that this wasn’t among those. Perhaps pure fiction just isn’t your thing. Or perhaps I just had a wild hair up my ass. C’est la vie. 🙂

— Kevin

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