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Against considerable recent competition in the “Let’s All Hate on White” contest currently going on among our political leadership, the media, academia, national corporations, and the entertainment industry, I must nominate Dr. Aruna Khilanani as a stand-out member of the American team for the ultimate Racism Olympics. Dr. Kilanani identifies as a practicing psychiatrist, at least for the moment. I am not myself qualified as a mental health professional, but I have been around long enough to accurately judge when another person routinely maintains vast colonies of bats in their mental belfry. This woman apparently entertains strange resentments and ultra-violent fantasies of shooting white people for no particular reason than rage, fantasies which were expressed in a lecture at the Yale School of Medicine and only made public this week. This brings to my mind the old adage about ‘physician heal thyself’ and the other one about how many shrinks get into the field because they are nuts to start with. By the usual progressive standard, her words may be construed as actual violence, and they certainly would be if expressed by a white person raging against any other ethnicity.

The woman has drunk deep of the critical race theory Kool-Aid, a toxic brew which has been flavor of the month for several years running, a brew which overflowed the original source spring in academia, and together with the covidiocy has driven a large part of the American polity violently nuts over the last year. Too many people are operating with their tempers set to hair-trigger sensitivity and with fatal or damaging results to their victims: a rude gesture by a woman driving her kids to school is met with gunfire, an Amazon delivery driver responds to an agitated customer with a beat-down, a shirtless 300-pound land whale attacks a woman in a gas station for no particular reason other than he apparently felt like beating up a smaller person, a jogger in an Atlanta suburb shot – fortunately not fatally – by a random driver with a very strange haircut, and New York continues a run of opportunistic street violence with a pepper spray attack on a couple by a man passing them on the sidewalk. In just about all of the above, the victims are white or Asian; the attackers either black or Hispanic. The current flood of racial toxicity would seem to have empowered such people to act on their violent impulses. Dr. Khilanani’s violent words may just have been part of her presentation at Yale, but they are now being acted upon in the streets and highways, in cities and suburbs. Too many people have eaten the poison fruit of the tree called critical race theory. Comment as you wish.

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  1. Ranten N. Raven

    “You can make me care, but you can’t tell me which way I will care,” sayeth “Alex The Chick” (IIRC on that quote).

    They are trying very hard to make me care that I’m a white devil (as Farrakhan puts it).

    I care more that I’m a defender of the Constitution, against all enemies, foreign & domestic.