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It’s a special kind of poison, the sudden primacy and popularity of CRT – critical race theory – now hanging in the air like a particularly malignant smog in our workplaces, schools, and universities. It wouldn’t be so malignant, damaging, and counter-productive if it was truly the anti-racism awareness training that it pretends to be, or if it were completely even-handed in being critical of racism across all the spectrum of human colors and backgrounds. But it’s not: as CRT is practiced currently and apparently profitably by race-hustlers of all colors on the rest of us has one focus and one focus only – to blame those whose’ ancestors originated in Northern Europe for the woes and considerable shortcomings of everyone else, without the barest hint of acknowledgement that many of those woes and shortcomings in the African-American communities are self-inflicted. (It would be nice if this would be acknowledged by the CRT warriors, but there will be hundreds of pigs flying in tight combat-box formation overhead before that ever happens.)

CRT mandatory training in workplaces – we’re adults, we can endure, I suppose. I’ve been there, done that, although I will say that those mandatory command briefings weren’t quite so awful and pointless when I was last bidden to participate. Sit stone-faced in the mandatory reeducation/struggle sessions, ask embarrassing questions if we feel reckless and are near enough retirement age, sufficiently verbally and rhetorically combative, or have a skill which makes us readily re-employable. Even consult with a lawyer and bring suit claiming that such mandatory struggle sessions create a bitterly hostile workspace environment is not totally out of the question for adults.

As for colleges engaging in CRT malignancy – well, college. Higher miseducation is where all of this was spawned anyway.

But when it comes to willfully and deliberately mangling the self-image of our kids, down to kindergarten-level … now, as the country song used to have it, you’re getting on the fighting side of me. And that is the point where many otherwise passive parents and state legislatures ( like this one) are getting on their hind-legs and connecting with their inner parental wolf, snarling “You do not get to do this to my kid!”

Which is reassuring, on a certain level. Nice to know there are limits to progressive idiocy. The parents at a couple of insanely expensive private academies have led the charge, as related in these stories. This is understandable, in a way. They are very comfortably situated in the higher rungs of the middle class and paying a bomb to have their spawn educated – not to be abused by the latest educational fad. Which is what CRT in the junior public schools is – not a shred of a doubt in my formerly-military-mind. Systematically set about as authority-figures, to destroy the self-confidence, the self-image of a small child? Slander that child in a public forum with a guilt-trip for something that they had no possible part in, condemn them for the color of their skin, accuse them of having benefited from the so-called privilege marked by the color of their skin … basically accuse them of crimes they had never done, merely on account of the color of their skin…

There’s a couple of terms for that when parents and authority-figures do that individually and in private. Like emotional abuse. Or child molestation. Yes, I’ll say that one right out: the teachers, administrators and assorted race hustlers who are pushing CRT on school children are child molesters. They are shamelessly inflicting emotional molestation on the kids of Anglo/North European pallor in their classrooms and doing even worse damage to those kids of color, essentially telling them that nothing they can ever do will lead to success because malignant “whiteness” will sabotage them at every turn. (And don’t even get me started for now on the fraud that is the 1619 project, and the educrats who are pushing it.)

It’s child molestation, straight up – all at the hands of addled teachers and academics leaping onto a malignant fad. No wonder that parents and state legislatures are fighting back, at long last. Comment as you see fit.

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