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It’s like Christmas. You know it’s coming. Can you feel it? Just three more days. Three more days until the very last Star Wars movie ever. Yeah…whatever.

Everywhere you look there’s Star Wars. The front caps of aisles in Target, Walmart, you’re local grocery store is full of Star Wars tie ins. Pepsi, Pez, GIANT Pez, M&Ms. Chewie’s selling ringtones and Yoda’s drinkng Pepsi. If you have a nine year old you also know that the tie-ins have invaded Cartoon Network. A Star Wars themed Kids Next Door, Star Wars Clone Wars in heavy rotation, Star Wars Legos cartoons. Which brings me to the toys. My son now has two light sabers…his choice with his money…and he wants one more…he wants the one that changes color for when Anikin becomes Darth. His Dad’s avoiding that one for now. Of course if you have Star Wars Legos Cartoons…ya gotta have Star Wars Legos.

You’d think with all the tie-ins that it would be enough. Everyone and their freaking brother will be going to see this movie. It’s what they call a genuine media event. Next Monday everyone will be hanging out by the water cooler talking about the light saber battles and the transformations.

And you can’t argue with the man’s sense of timing, I mean my GOD it opens on the last day of school here.

Well…almost everybody. There are those who think it won’t be cool to see Star Wars. It’s not part of who they are. They get they’re kicks either bashing liberals or bashing Bush. Politics is their gig. It’s serious stuff. Not like Science Fiction.

But wait! What’s this? George Lucas has put some topical political dialouge into the movie and he’s been talking about it at Cannes? From the right the cries of, Liberal Bastard! From the left a hearty, Right On! Oh you know when the political farts are let loose the theater will go crazy. And so…the politicos who were too serious to see the movie are now planning on going…maybe the second week…avoid all the scifi geeks. But now they’re going.

Mr Lucas…I salute you sir. Just a few more lines of dialouge and you’ve added what? A few hundred thousand? A million or two more bodies in the seats.

Political M&Ms…wow…that’s just good…or pure evil…hard to say…seems to be a grey area there doesn’t it?

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