My computer, upon which I am now depending upon more than practically every other non-living thing in my life besides air conditioning… inexplicably crashed on Thursday night.

It is fixed now, mostly because the local computer consultant/expert/wonder-worker who sold it to me originally, and to whom I have steered a lot of business, made a house call and sorted it all out, knowing how much depends upon this, now that I am trying to work the free-lance writing thing, and writing for this site and for Blogger News Network. Besides my (miniscule pension) and a pittance for working at the radio station on Saturdays, that is my only income.

He also fixed the wireless modem that allows Blondie to use her laptop, had a stab at sorting out what has been wrong with my printer, swapped over all my important files to the newer, faster computer with more memory that he had sold to the office which closed down last year and which my employer generously gave to me. (There were two other computers in the office, like how many others did my former employer really need?)

He took my old computer in swap for an hour of work, but I still will owe him for a good chunk of time, although he is in no hurry for payment… which is good, because I cannot afford it. The just-completed book sits on the agents’ desk, and a lot of other proposed work has been sent to various pubishers. I have a promise of income from it, someday…. but I need to pay the computer expert soon.

So, I am blegging for small donations to pay for this work and to keep my internet connection. We were doing OK, but this has us stretching our resources to the snapping point.

Paypal is fine… e-mail me for particulars… and my thanks.

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