25. March 2008 · Comments Off on Prayers Please · Categories: Critters

I know this probably sounds silly to many of you, but we need your prayers. Our Hemingway Cat, Miko, has managed to somehow open a gaping wound in her chest. I’m taking her to the humane society to see what they can do for her, but I’m pretty sure she’s septic and quite frankly, we can’t afford to have much done so there’s a good chance she won’t be coming home.

I haven’t felt quite this helpless in a very long time. The family’s heart is broken. We just thought she was grumpy about the kittens which is why she was hiding out. She was even rubbing against my legs while I was doing Tai Chi like she always does. It wasn’t until I picked her up and she growled at me that I saw what was going on.

Been up all night. Had her crate next to me with my fingers in the bars so she knew I was there and could rub against them.

I feel terrible.

UPDATE:  The good people at our local humane society say they can fix her!!!!  It actually looks much worse than it is and it would even heal on its own  with anti-biotics, but they’re going to be able to repair it at about a quarter of the cost I was anticipating.  I’ll be letting those vets take care of her and all our pets from now on.  I’m a complete sap for our animals.  I’m a complete wreck after the past ten hours.

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