14. January 2005 · Comments Off on Public Service Announcements: Driving Boyo to School Edition · Categories: General Nonsense

Attention members of meteorogical departments and other weather people: 5 is not a high.

Attention Car Makers: If you don’t want me running my engine in idle for more than 5 minutes as the manual says, get your heaters to work better.

Attention Parents: Parking/pausing on the wrong side of the steep narrow street in base housing one block away from the elementary school, 7 minutes before the bell, to have a conversation with your friend is considered not only rude, but downright stupid when the roads are icey and covered with a dusting of snow.

Attention all Base Housing Residents: The inflatable Santas? Yeah, it’s time to lose them.

Attention Parents Part II: It’s kind of cool when you see cops in an empty parking lot, parked with their cruisers facing in opposite directions so that they can have a conversation through the driver’s side window. However, doing that in the school parking lot, 5 minutes before the bell…there’s absolutely no coolness to that…even with a high of 5.

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