26. September 2004 · Comments Off on Putting the draft rumor to rest · Categories: General, GWOT

I had planned a much longer, more thoughtful, more cogent, more eloquent essay about some other subject this weekend, but time has (yet again) gotten away from me. I am behind in all three of my classes (students are waiting patiently on returned papers AND I have a test to finish preparing) and I’m supervising Sageling on my own this weeken while the General is on a retreat.

But enough whining.

In place of that, a quick thought on the draft.

Senator Kerry’s rumor-mongering on the draft was covered on this site (and many others — see here for example) earlier this week. Late in the week, on one of the Fox shows, I heard Pat Caddell (whom I’ve grown to like in spite of the fact that we’re on opposite sides of the political spectrum) mention that the draft is a subject that may yet need to be addressed by the candidates. His reason? We will need more troops in Iraq or elsewhere.

Mind you, I don’t think Caddell is engaging in rumor-mongering like Sen. Kerry was, but why does everyone think that a draft is the only solution to our manpower problem? What about just increasing our recruiting efforts and perhaps “sweetening the pot?”

Furthermore, I’ll bet that there are many of us who have retired or separated who would be willing to sign up for another hitch in while we’re engaged in the war on terror. I’d be honored to be recalled to AD (the General might not be so thrilled, but she’s a patriot, and she’d salute and follow right along with me). Warning to the Air Force — the longer I hang out with these academics, the quicker I lose my edge. Hurry!

So, let’s not hear any more about the draft. OK? Except maybe from Charlie Rangel, just for entertainment value.

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