19. October 2006 · Comments Off on Question of the Day (061019) · Categories: GWOT

So what exactly should we do in Iraq?

‘Cuz folks, this shit is starting to piss me right the hell off. Bad enough we’re fighting Iran in Iraq with the rest of the world perfectly okay with that. We’re losing a lot of good people and I’m not hearing an overwhelming barrage of good reasons for it. I’m also not hearing an overwhelming good alternative to the way we’re doing things other than, “Run awayyyyy.” Not the answer. But what is?

Me? I’m of the Schwatzkopf/Powell school. Hit them. Hit them hard. Control the battlespace completely. Then let the locals take over bit by bit.

But that costs LOTS o’ money and we’re all about war on the cheap.

Sorry, the casualties are really starting to my pinch my nipples…and no…that doesn’t turn me on.

And DON’T EVEN get me started on CNN and their coverage of insurgent snipers. Miserable excuses for human beings all of them.

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