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Celtic Tiger, Qwest Center, Omaha NE.

Lord of The Dance meets Far and Away meets Yankee Doodle Dandy. And I mean all of that in the nicest possible way.

It’s Flatley. If you like him or your wife likes him or your kids like him, GO! I’m sure he’d say different, but sooner or later those feet have got to slow down and you’ll wish you’d seen him in his prime.

If you have any Irish in you at all and you miss this, you’re goin’ to be crying in your Guinness.

You could wait for the DVD, but this thing has got to be felt. You’ve got to get the rumble in your chest. You’ve got to feel the joy of the dancers wash over you, and make no mistake at all, the dancers and the musicians are having much more fun than we are. They LOVE what they’re doing and they love watching our jaws hit the floor as they do another round of tapping even faster than the last one.

Gregory Hines may have invented the idea of putting microphones in tap shoes, but Flately and company have made their shoes instruments to be reckoned with. Celtic, rock, jazz, country, show tunes, their shoes make percussion a primal force.

This show literally blew us away.

Makes a lad proud to be from Chicago.

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