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In a comment to another post, contributor Radar writes:

Real Wife and I married on 13 June 1992, and it’s been a great fifteen years. Sadly, we learned Friday, based on a biopsy done on our anniversary, that she has breast cancer. We go to the doctor tomorrow morning to learn the details and what lies ahead. Hold Patsy tight, I know that I will be holding Real Wife like the most valuable jewel I ever found.


I didn’t want his words to be lost in comments.

Radar, you’re embarking on one of the scariest journeys an individual can ever take. Let it change you both. Let it make you more aware of the deep, abiding love you share. Let it make you more aware of the beauty not just in each day, but in each hour, each minute, each breath you take.

Listen to those who’ve gone before, and learn from them. Listen to those who’ve never been there, and accept their love, concern, and well-wishes.

Your family has my prayers, my good thoughts, my well-wishes, and my promise of help if there’s anything I can do when I live so far from you.

As crazy as it sounds, I’ll be praying laughter for y’all, as well as health and peace.

Gentle hugs to you,

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