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This on Yahoo News from Ted Rall:

If Newsweek’s report is accurate, Karl Rove is more morally repugnant and more anti-American than Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden, after all, has no affiliation with, and therefore no presumed loyalty to, the United States. Rove, on the other hand, is a U.S. citizen and, as deputy White House chief of staff, a high-ranking official of the U.S. government sworn to uphold and defend our nation, its laws and its interests. Yet he sold out America just to get even with Joe Wilson.


Rove and his collaborators should quickly resign and face prosecution for betraying their country, but given their sense of personal entitlement impeachment is probably the best we can hope for. Congress, and all Americans, should place patriotism ahead of party loyalty.

If you read the whole article, you will find the by “best we can hope for,” Rall is referring to his earlier calling for Rove’s execution. But tell me Ted, shouldn’t Rove “and his collaborators” wait at least until all the information is in? My information is that, while Time Inc.’s records indicate that Matt Cooper spoke to Rove, they do not expressly say that Rove fingered Plame.

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit

Update: Well, it looks like Cooper has agreed to testify, under blanket permission from his “source”. Miller’s “source”, whom we might assume to be different from Miller’s, as, if they where going to get the same information from Cooper, Judge Hogan would have no reason to violate privilege (necessity test), and jail Miller. This goes further to “clear” Karl Rove in the “court of public opinion.” But, as grand jury proceedings are secret, Rove will never be found “innocent in fact,” and this will live on, like the “Bush lied” issue.

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