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Does it creep anyone else out that I have a cold and PJ Media is advertising Thera-Flu?

“Make This Go On Forever” by Snow Patrol is one of those songs that gets in your head and crawls around until you have to play it AGAIN just to turn it off…for awhile…and then it sneaks up again. Either that or the Alka Seltzer has better drugs than I thought.

Okay, how did Loggins and Messina sneak onto my “Alternative/Punk” playlist? Out of the iPod longhair!

OMFG! Therapy?! He’s going to therapy?!! What if the other guy was doing Joan Rivers impersonations and offering to do a fabulous wall treatment in his dressing room? Even other faggots would call him a faggot. I’m telling you, this PC bullshit is going to destroy us all. You watch, the next thing that will happen is that scientists who don’t accept Global Warming will be sent back to school for recertification.

I know, I can’t seem to leave this alone…it really bugs me. I’m not saying that people who use hate speech aren’t assholes, they are, but can we just write them off as assholes without turning it into some sort of mental illness? I use the word “faggot” and my gay friends slam me back with “breeder” or “butch boy” and we all know we’re joking. No big deals. If I were to lash out at one of them and drop the “f” bomb in a hateful way, I’d probably wind up apologizing for being an asshole…unless they were flaming out of control in an inappropriate time and place and then I’m sorry…all bets are off.

Of course…if I were more cynical…I might just think that in the current culture of “controversy IS advertising” that the whole thing was somehow…acted out…scripted…engineered behind the scenes as a way to give Grey’s Anatomy more advertising just as they’re changing nights…if I were more cynical.

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