30. October 2004 · Comments Off on Random Rants for the Weekend · Categories: Ain't That America?

If I’m watching the President and Governor Schwarzenegger during a campaign event and I think to myself, “These guys need new material.” does that mean that the President has become a celebrity or that Arnie has become a politician? Or is this part of some greater disillusionment or alieanation leading me to believe that maybe Al Franken was in reality funny more often than “Deep Thoughts?”

Let’s take that further, if Jon Bon Jovi and John Edwards are on the same stage, which one’s going to win the commercial hair care contract when this gig’s over? Will Jackson Brown sing The Loadout?

Everyone keeps asking if the celebrities appearing on the campaign trail influences our opinions of the candidates, but what I want to know is if the celebrities appearing on the campaing trail influences anyone’s opinion of them? I’m thinking yes because I’m a little disillusioned, disappointed and just plain pissed at The Boss these days and I’ve been a fan for 30 years now so I think I deserve some consideration. I mean I take credit for almost single handedly turning my entire high school on to “Born to Run” when I was in radio club and played it start to finish for every lunch period for three days straight. I missed drafting for you, I could have been an engineer, and this is how you treat me?

Okay, who’s the a$$hole who invited Osama to the party? I don’t care how nice he’s dressing these days, I don’t want him around. Ohhhhhhhh….Al…sheez…figures…he hates it when we’re having a good time without some of his friends around. So who invited Al? I didn’t, you must have… Schmuck. You are sooo univited to the party on Tuesday…okay…fine…if you’re bringing the 7 layer nachos you can come…and you can bring Brit but leave O’Reilly behind…I’m tired of him hitting on my sister.

Attention Radio Marketing Geniuses: When you bury a sound bite of a siren in your ad it doesn’t make me pay attention, it makes me turn the car radio off and look for the fire truck. Yes…every time. No, I don’t think I’m the only one.

Anyone want to start a pool on when the first network does a story on the coverage of the campaign? Because those are my favorite, when the news covers the way they handled something.

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