02. February 2006 · Comments Off on Reality Check · Categories: General

I didn’t go into the office today, because what I’m doing this week can be done from home. So I didn’t see any one from work, or talk to anyone from work, or check my voicemail (because I rarely get any, so why bother).

If I *had* checked my voicemail, then I wouldn’t have been so surprised by the email I received at 430pm, with a subject line: “(co-worker’s) funeral arrangements”

One of my co-workers, who works in a different city, is no longer with us. I racked my brain, trying to remember if I’d heard of him being ill, and couldn’t remember anything like that. One of my co-workers called to make sure I knew, and told me that he didn’t come to work Tues. morning, and they found him dead in his home. The cause of death is unknown, at this time.

He was younger than I, and easy to talk to. I didn’t have tons of interaction with him, since we’re in different cities, but I still feel the loss, and can only describe myself as stunned.

There should be something profound I can say here, about the frailty of life, but profundity is escaping me, just now.

I’ll miss you, B. Godspeed.

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