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I’m currently listening to Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D – Michigan), on C-Span. And she has just claimed “95% of our Reservists don’t even get paid on time.” This is news to me. Apparently, it is also news to Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D – Ohio):

“The Cleveland Defense Industry Alliance has been working behind the scenes for a year to make the case to our decision makers that the DFAS-Cleveland office should remain open here in Cleveland and take on additional workloads. Today, I am pleased to join with them in this effort.

“We feel this office’s value to the military is considerable. DFAS-Cleveland is an integral part of the ‘nerve center’ that supports our troops on the ground in Iraq and worldwide. This site is the home of the Reserve Pay Center of Excellence, which processes payroll for the Army, Air Force and Naval Reserves and National Guard. It has a track record of innovation and success that has been recognized on more than one occasion by the Pentagon.

“Currently, Reserve and National Guard soldiers make up 40 percent of the troops on the ground in Iraq. We feel it would be a disservice to our men and women in uniform if we disrupted the system that ensures they’re paid on time.

Emphasis mine.
Update, after the response I’ve gotten, I am going to email Sen. Stabenow’s office for a clarification. As an aside, I find it quite interesting to note, after my most tumultoulous post concerning Reggie White, that I have gotten not a single post saying “how dare you pass such vile gossip about our beloved senator.” 🙂

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