05. October 2004 · Comments Off on Revenge is a dish best served cold · Categories: General

A few years back I had a little rivalry going on with a guy I used to work with. It started at work, but we soon let it spread to other places, such as the post office, commissary, and BX. We would try to sneak up on each other. Not scaring, although we could have gone there. He got me 7 times one morning as I was working on a problem and couldn’t watch out for him. It was payback time. After about a week of failing to get my revenge, one of my office mates suggested that I add my rival to all of the email aliases on each of our servers. Oh yeah, that’s the ticket. We had 4 servers, and each one sent out emails at least once an hour to the admins. Friday afternoon, I made the addition to the alias files.

Monday morning, I get an email from the co-worker who made the suggestion. He just happened to be working help desk that week, which just happened to be where my rival worked. He overheard this question the rival asked another help desk tech: “Did you get like a million emails from…from superuser?” HAHAHA!!!! So now I have to make a trip to the help desk. When I arrived, there he was with his inbox full of system emails looking extremely frustrated. I looked him in the eye with a big grin on my face and said “Gotcha!”

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