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Donald Sensing has a review of the movie Jarhead.

I haven’t read the book, but the lack of distinction between what’s live and what’s Memorex doesn’t help the movie, IMO. Perhaps as a retired Army officer I am at a disadvantage since I sat there mentally scoffing at some of the baloney. Example: sniper Swafford and his spotter, Troy, return at nighttime from a mission to find their entire unit blasting loud rock music in the night, whooping it up and dancing nearly naked around a huge bonfire of burning desert battle-dress uniforms. The four-day war had just ended and the Marines, including NCOs, are stripping their DBDUs and burning them. “Don’t need these no more! Ain’t never coming back!” one shouts. (Ah, the irony….) Then they all start firing their weapons on full automatic into the air.

Well, ‘scuse me, but that’s just crapola.

Go read the whole thing.

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