23. September 2005 · Comments Off on Rita may come, I have to stay – this time · Categories: General

Well, here comes another hurricane, due to hit the coast in about an hour. But this time, we won’t be going to the rescue. The van is fixed, but I can’t get it out of the shop until payday, which is next Friday. This time I’ll still be helping, but from home. The HF radio is set up, the antenna is up, and we will be processing help, health & welfare messages, and whatever arises, on 40 meters (7.2 MHz) and 80 meters (3.8-3.9 MHz) .

Here’s what the van looked like when loaded for the trip last time:

Van loaded and ready to go, before transmission died.

Though things are getting back to normal, progress is slow, but we can be found on the radio and working the emergency. We have to note also, that the military is on full standby this time, ready to go into the storm area as soon as the winds die down. Kartrina taught us some lessons, and some of those are brutal. Congress, though, has to take some action to make it legal for the President to use his authority to command troops to work in the US in this kind of emergency…..

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