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For those of you stationed in or above the snow belt, nothing is much stranger than “SnowCall.” We’re the military right? We’re the ones defending our country? Yet, sometimes 6 inches of blowing snow can shut down a base to all but “essential” personnel. Why? Because somewhere at sometime in the past, some uniformed person from Florida tried to drive to work in the snow with their ultra-light but 4 wheel drive pickup and took out a civilian family and thus…all of us are not allowed to drive in “X” amount of snow any longer.

That’s part of the equation.

Once upon a time delayed reporting meant, “You have three extra hours to come in to work but don’t push it okay? Take the time you need but get here.” These days, mostly because we don’t have guys in uniforms behind the wheels in the plows any longer. We have civilians. Who may or may not show up when they’re told to work. Who can tell you, “No thanks, I don’t want no stinking overtime.” Who can suddenly say, “Hey, the city needs extra drivers and they’re paying BIG money because they shorted their contract.” and they can bail on us. These days delayed reporting for snow means, “Don’t even think of trying to get here before the 3+ hour mark because neither the streets nor the parking lots will be cleared yet.” Once upon a time “Don’t come in.” meant that Odin himself had taken a special interest in our part of the world and dumped FEET of snow on us. Now it’s an indication that our “civilian partners” couldn’t handle 3-5 inches of new snow over about 30 acres in any less than 18 hours.

Yes folks, privatization is saving us lots and lots of money and making the military more efficient. You betcha.

But hey, Boyo doesn’t have school today either and I get to roll around in the snow with him so…who am I to complain?

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