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Have at it in the comments.

Magni singing My Generation: Meh. I still think he sounds like he belongs in Vegas.

Jenny Galt singing Tainted Love: Started off slow but nice kick up a notch after the first chorus.

Jill Gioia singing Violet: She was really good last week, but then again she’s doing a song by Hole so I guess you’re supposed to be sound all fucked up. The wedding dress and cowboy boots is a bit too weird. And ya know, arguing with Dave Navarro about what Courtney Love looks like doing the song? Ummmm, now you not only suck, but your credibility really bites too.

Okay, after the first three I’m thinking that this week they’re saving the best for later in the show because so far, this isn’t impressing me one bit.

Zayra Alverez doing You Really Got Me: Again, liked her last week, but this week is kinda weird too. Very Bjork-ish without the charm. And do ya think that taking shots at the band’s age is really the best way to win their hearts? Ummmmmmm, not so much.

Chris Pierson singing Take me Out: Much better than last week, but I’m not sure if that’s the right song for auditioning for Supernova. I don’t know about the “not authentic” comments he’s getting from Navarro and the band. I don’t think he’s all that deep.

Dilana doing a goth take on Ring of Fire: Very ballsy choice taking on and changing Johnny Cash, but it worked for me. Enchanting. Something about her sucks me right in. She doesn’t have the best voice but has an intesity that ya just have to watch.

Josh Logan moans With Arms Wide Open: See at first I hated Creed, then I kind of liked them, and now I’m back to hating them. This is one of the few Creed songs I can still stand but this was mediocre.

Phil Ritchie If You Could Only See: I’m not sure what he’s doing here. He has brief moments of being kind of okay.

Storm Large kicks out Surrender: Love love love this gal’s voice and the way she sings. She ROCKS.

Patrice Pike and Heart Shaped Box: I never got Nirvana. She’s got a huge voice for a little thing but not that

Lucas Rossi softening up with Don’t Panic: For Coldplay it was good, but again, I’m not a huge Coldplay fan.

Ryan Star and Jumpin’ Jack Flash: It wasn’t a gas.

Dana Andrews and Born to Be Wild: Maybe it’s because of when I was born and raised, but this song bores me to tears anymore. She’s got a great voice but watching her reminds me of watching a lil kid playing rock star.

Toby Rand and Somebody Told Me: A killer version of The Killers tune. Great way to end the show.

I’m only voting for Toby, Storm and Dilana tonight. My bet, they’ll be in the final three at the end of the season.

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