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If you haven’t been watching Rockstar Supernova, now’s the time to start.

Dilana Smith continues to give me chills with her voice and stage presence. Her vocals on The Who’s Won’t Get Fooled was absolutely amazing. I’d say she’s the clear lead…except for the fact that…

Storm Large pulled off Queen’s We Are the Champions. I mean Freddy Mercury was smiling down from heaven. Suh-wheeet.

Lukas Rossi did a performance of Creep that freaked me out. All during his previous performances he’s been constricting his throat and still doing well and tonight he opened it up and just blew me away.

Magni from Iceland, with his wife and baby boy in the house, (flown in by Supernova giving serious hero points to the band) did The Dolphin’s Cry a song I’ve never heard before but he busted out like he’s never done before with just himself on guitar. Killer.

The other singers are good, with the exception of Zayra who’s just freaking weird and creepy in that I’m an artist if you don’t get me that’s your problem sort of way, but putting them in front of Supernova is kind of ridiculous. YMMV.

Bottom line: Start watching or recording the show on Tuesday Nights. It’s just getting better.

Disclaimer: I’m just a fan. We’re getting nothing from MSN or CBS or anyone else for me talking this show up. I just like what’s happening there.

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