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I know, you all thought I’d be watching the VMAs didn’t you? Let me clue you in on something. If the show is hosted by someone named “Diddy,” it’s probably not geared toward me, mmm’k?

Anyway, Rome on HBO. I have a new show that I have to watch. I’m not going to pretend that I can tell you how historically accurate it is. I’m not going to rave about how cool the costumes, scenery and fight scenes are. What I am going to tell you is that they didn’t pull any punches when it comes to the brutality and hedonism of that time and place. It was fascinating.

This is what people were like before Christianity started to “civalize” us. Mad at someone for betraying you? Kill them, or perhaps just destroy one of their favorite cities to show them you’re serious. And don’t forget that you’re children are to be used for any advantage including sending your son off into hostile territory to deliver a present to one leader while whoring your daughter out to the other. Atia, played by Polly Walker, will take anyone who has HBO away from Desperate Housewives with ease. You’ve never seen desperation like this and she’s going to make us forget every evil bitch we’ve ever seen before. Alexis Carrington was a declawed kitten by comparison.

Trying to keep up with all the twists and turns is going to take some concentration. You absolutely must pay attention to all the dialogue or you may find yourself wondering how come that city is burning and ask your wife, “What just happened?”

It’s on at 9 P.M. Eastern Sunday Nights with a repeat on Tuesday at 9 P.M..

Update: Reader Bob Fregin writes in the comments:

Kind of “Deadwood” with less clothes and better language. BTW: Have you ever noticed that the ancient Roman’s, Greeks, Spartan’s, Trojans all have strong British accents? How did that come about(?)

Thanks Bob, I meant to ask that and I did a cut but forgot to paste. Anyone? Buellor?

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