31. August 2004 · Comments Off on Ruuu-DY! Ruuu-DY! · Categories: Politics

Contrary to what it may seem at times, I do have a real life. And, as such, I was unable to catch most of today’s GOP convention. But, from what I saw, if the rest of the convention follows the tone set today, I fully expect Bush/Cheney to see the bounce from this that Kerry/Edwards didn’t see from theirs

Rudy Giuliani was in particularly fine form. His joke about Kerry needing Edwards’ ‘Two Americas’ to accomodate his position(s) on the issues was a master stroke.

But I really liked the women that directly preceded him. I broke out in a huge smile when the last one mentioned being proud and happy to :share her son with America” when the Navy sends him to the middle east shortly. I your face, Micheal Moore!

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