09. September 2005 · Comments Off on Save The Animals! · Categories: General

I have heard lots of tear-jerkers about “all the animals that have been left behind.” Well, I am as much of an animal lover as anyone (anyone with a right-mind, that is). Just now, I am looking out my patio door at two feral cats – mother and kitten. And I’m debating whether or not to give them a bit of canned salmon, at the risk of my landlord signing my lease renewal.

But when it comes to this: When it’s a question of evacuating one dude’s pets, verses paddling on to the next house, where some human might be in hypohydratic shock, no – I’m paddling on.

No, I grieve for the animals. But one human life means more to me than every critter in the country.

Update: I didn’t give them any canned salmon – I gave them some canned pork.

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