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Since Boyo is nine, I often get to enjoy current cartoons where many grownups may miss some of what’s going on in that arena. Okay, fine, I watch cartoons with my son sometimes. I’m all for the current trend going on at Cartoon Network where they’re once again producing cartoons with some very grown-up humor that goes right over the kids’ heads and smack into our funny bones. When Grim from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy awoke from a dream saying, “This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife.” and Billy was chanting “Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.” I almost lost a mouthful of tuna salad. A Talking Heads reference was not expected, and I loved it. And last night when Billy unearths a frozen Fred Flintstone from his front yard? Funny stuff.

Yesterday morning, before school, Boyo was watching a new Scooby Doo cartoon. I’m not big on the newer Scooby cartoons, the formula was old when I was watching them and the artwork has gotten downright sad. However, something stuck out in this one. As the gang was fleeing from a giant sea monster, Daphne surfing a 10 footer with the rest of the crew on her shoulders, Rockaway Beach by The Ramones was playing. Not some cheezy, producer written, studio musician performed psuedo 70s rock tune, Rockaway Beach by The Ramones.

I don’t know who’s behind this, and I don’t care, but I think it must be celebrated, it must be cheered, it must be encouraged. My son’s musical tastes are currently centered around the soundtrack from The Chronic (WHAT) kulls of Narnia to Evanescence to Enya, who we played in his nursery to get him to sleep some nights. Any more good music that he can get exposed to that doesn’t come from us (because, what do parents know about music when you’re nine?) is well appreciated.

Bravo Scooby Doo. Keep up the good work.

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