17. August 2005 · Comments Off on Semantics are everything, people · Categories: General

I’m watching Fox News coverage of the Israeli army forcibly removing the remnants of settlers from the Gaza Strip.

Earlier, they showed four soldiers carrying out a young man. One soldier holding each limb, the young man easily 2 feet above the ground (waist-high to the soldiers, basically).

And yet, Fox News persists in saying the settlers are being DRAGGED from their homes. Dictionary.com tells me that “drag” means to “trail along a surface, especially the ground.”

These people are being carried, not dragged. None of their body parts are touching the ground. using the term “dragged” brings to mind pictures of the 1968 Democratic convention, when police were literally dragging protesters to the paddy wagons.

In their favor, Fox is making sure to include the info that each settler has been given months of notice, and offers of substantial compensation for their move. It’s just that nobody really likes to give up their homes (just ask the folks in the Kelo decision), and not all of them agree with the resettlement, so they’re holding out to the bitter end.

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