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So, I am putting it out to the many fans I know I have who also have blogs of their own: send me half a dozen questions that you absolutely, positively want to know the answer to, direct from me— and I will answer them, honestly and amusingly. You can post the interview on your site, with a link to my eccentric and charming memoir, and I will post a link to your penetrating and insightful interview on TDB.
No, it is not link-whoring, just exploring the so-far-unlimited limits of the blogosphere. And it’s not like I’ve been booked on “The Today Show” or “Fresh Air” or anything… but I have four hungry cats to support, and a daughter to put through veterinary school, even though the GI bill will do a lot of the heavy lifting as far as Cpl. Blondie’s continuing education is concerned. (She already knows how to hotwire a Humvee, and siphon gas with a length of garden hose, but veterinary school requires many, many other skills.) And why do I have to travel, when I can be there, with the click of a mouse?
Let me know, via comments, or e-mail.

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