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Due to the Thanksgiving Day holiday creep— you know, how it used to be just a Thursday off, but then everyone started taking Friday, and then Wednesday, and now the entire week is shot, for meaningful working purposes— the chances of me getting any paying temp assignments this week are pretty close to nil. Ditto any promising interviews…. which leaves me sitting at home, looking at a computer and waiting for the phone to ring.

And I have my property tax due date coming up after the first of the month, which motivates me to throw out an offer to write… well, whatever. For an fee of $13.00 USD hourly, of course. Essays, articles, letters to the editor, comic monologues, your family Christmas letter… I will even ghost-write blog posts. (I will not do school term papers or doctoral dissertations; one does have to set limits!) I will assign all rights to whomever has paid me to write a specific piece, and you can do whatever you like with it.

Paypal is fine, and tips for superior work will be graciously welcomed. Just let me know how many words, the topic and format preferred, and I will work up a quote based on about how long I think it will take me to write it.
Questions? Comment below, or email by clicking on my name at the top of the post.

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