02. October 2006 · Comments Off on Shakin’ My Head in Wonder · Categories: GWOT, My Head Hurts, Rant

No, I didn’t miss the fact that our Senate has given The President and Secretary of Defense unprecedented powers that basically trash our bill of rights, I’m just still in a state of absolute shock that it happened so easily.

Military: You there, terrorist, get in the car.

Citizen: What? Who are you? What are you… I want a lawyer.

Military: THUNK.

Military 2: Terrorists, they’re so cute when they try to hide behind our freedoms.

Military: Freedoms…hehehe.

Military 2: Shaddup, he’ll get his tribunal…eventually…after he’s questioned.

Padme was wrong, freedom didn’t die amidst the cheers of a crowd, it died because America is still quaking in fear, five years later.

Even the most enlightened leader, the best guy/gal in the world, will be tempted to use this act in some way that’s abusive.

Again, I’m worried for the soul of America. Who are we becoming that we allow this to happen without so much as a blink?

Yeah, I know, the terrorists are bad guys, but what happens if “they” decide “you’re” a terrorist?

“First they came for the Jews, and I did nothing, because I am not a Jew.”

This is not who we are.

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