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I’m quite a fan of Bravo’s Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. Carson is quite a cut-up. And I’ve already employed several of Ted’s cooking tips.

But some things about Kyan’s shaving instructions have left me dry. For one, he makes the blanket claim that “the best thing about disposable razors, is that they’re disposable.” As well, every time he sees a guy shaving UP, he says “no, shave WITH the grain,” and directs them to shave DOWN. So, good journalist that I am, I did a little investigation.

As for your choice of razor: yes indeed, there are some TERRIBLE disposable razors. In fact, I would guess that most of them are little better than mediocre. But I have also used some pretty bad cartridge and double-edge blades in my life. For the last several years, I have been quite satisfied with the Shick ST disposable, which is also a great value. I recently bought two 15 packs at Target for about $3.70 each. So I inquired with Shick as to if there was any quality difference in the actual blades themselves – different material or sharpening – between the ST and their more expensive reusable handle models. No there isn’t. And, as for myself, I don’t like all that flexy-pivioty stuff anyway. And most men can’t tell the difference between one blade and two; why pay for three?

But what about this shaving with the grain stuff – a far more complex subject? Personally, the grain of my beard goes different directions in different zones of my face – down on my sideburns, upper cheeks and chin; up on my neck; and back on my lower cheeks and jowl. As well, if I have the time for a really baby’s bottom close shave, I will go back a second time against the grain. I learned this from my barber back when I was in the Air Force, so I knew the idea had some merit.

I found this very good write-up at The Straight Dope. In short, I am right – Kyan’s wrong. Although it seems most barbers take their second pass sideways to the grain, I have a very smooth complexion, and have never had a pseudofolliculitis (ingrown whiskers) problem.

Oh BTW: If you think the “Fab 5” are just actors aping the advice of experts on their production staff, check their bios. They all really have quite impressive resumes. But I still believe Thom doesn’t do all that redecorating himself in one day.

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